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February 15


LAPD Creates Martin Luther King Jr. Challenge Coin

The Los Angeles Police Department partnered with SymbolArts to create this custom challenge coin for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast Celebration in LA last month.

The 1 ¾” antique gold challenge coin features Dr. King along with the LAPD badge in a three-color soft enamel design. The coin was given to stakeholders in the community, residential and business leaders, community activists, representatives from law enforcement agencies, and public officials, such as city council members, inspector general, U.S. Attorney.

“Not only did the coin celebrate the life, legacy, and vision of civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, but also commemorates a transformation in the way the Los Angeles Police Department interacts with the community it serves,” said LAPD Sgt. Karen Leong. “This renewed partnership between officers and residents restores public confidence and increases our ability to combat crime. As the coin indicates, the LAPD is ‘protecting the dream’ of Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Since the first LAPD MLK breakfast, then Chief of Police William J. Bratton wanted guests to be given something very special to remember the historic event. It has now become part of the Chief’s tradition.

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