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October 18


Dallas Police Wear Commemorative Badge In Honor Of Fallen Officer, J.D. Tippit, 50 Years After His Death

Dallas Police will wear a 50-year commemorative badge in honor of fallen officer J.D. Tippit who was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, the likely assassin of President John F. Kennedy. Over 250 officers will wear this duty badge during November 2013.

“We wanted to do something in honor of Officer J.D. Tippit’s sacrifice and his family’s sacrifice that can always be remembered,” said Senior Corporal Officer Roderick Janich of the Dallas Police.


The oval badge is three inches in height, plated with nickel, and filled with blue cloisonné. It has a recognizable five-pointed star in the center with an incorporated banner stretching across it. The banner features two thin blue and black lines running horizontally and a space for the name, rank, and E.O.W (End of Watch) of a fallen officer. The badge produced in honor of Tippit reads: “PATROLMAN J.D. TIPPIT #848 E.O.W. 11-22-63,” and is manufactured by SymbolArts.


Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, gave the department permission to wear the badges starting November 1st through the end of the month. The badge may only be purchased by current or retired Dallas police officers.



“The custom badge is not strictly for officer J.D. Tippit. Chief Brown gave the option to engrave Officer Tippit’s name or any other of the Dallas Police fallen officers,” said Janich. “This badge is worn to remember officers who gave their lives for the city of Dallas.”

Officers are permitted to wear this badge during the month of November in honor of the 50-year anniversary. They will also be allowed to wear it once a week after that,during Dallas Police Memorial Week which coincides with National Police Week. This is the first time a badge has ever been produced and worn by the Dallas Police Department in memory of Tippit or any other Dallas police officer. Officers pay for the badge out of their own pocket, but an anonymous business donated 25 badges to the department out of generosity.


Only the Tippit badge will be offered in a box set with a badge, nameplate, and display case.


Shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Tippit saw a man that fit the description of the likely assassin. Tippit pulled up to Oswald and questioned him through his car window.


Tippit got out of his car and walked around to Oswald when Oswald pulled out his gun and fired three bullets into his chest, knocking him to the ground. Then, standing above him, shot an additional round into his head. Oswald then ran into a movie theater without paying and was eventually apprehended.


“People don’t realize the role Officer Tippit played in apprehending President Kennedy’s assassin. Thanks to him, they were able to catch Oswald,” said Janich.





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SymbolArts is an Ogden, Utah based company that produces jewelry quality products including badges, coins, patches, pins, key chains, nameplates, collectible items, awards, medals and more. Since 1986, SymbolArts has consistently provided these products to the public safety industry, and other major markets – including corporate recognition and commemoratives. SymbolArts was an official licensee of the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games and is currently licensed with the Boy Scouts of America®, Harley-Davidson®, The Collegiate Licensing Company®, the United States Air Force® and the United States Marine Corps®. Recently, SymbolArts has branched into competitive sports and racing, forming partnerships as an exclusive award providers for Ragnar Relay, Miller Motorsports Park and US Speedskating.







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