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Our new PDQ badge builder is complete. Use our online badge builder here and begin creating your custom design now!  PDQ badges are a great option for smaller departments and volunteer services.

These badges have great value for their price, can be delivered within 3 weeks of purchase and are exceptional in quality. Use our online badge builder to design a custom badge in five easy steps that fit your needs. Select from 19 styles, seven plating options and over 60 seals.

PDQ badges begin at $50 each and no order minimum is required. Orders can be placed 24/7!







• Select from 19 badge styles

• Seven plating options ($10 extra for two-tone finishes)

• 66 seals to choose from

• Multiple fonts and font colors

• Several curvature and attachment options

• Accessory options including wallet, id and belt clip holders


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Build Your Own Badge and Get Every Detail Right


Our new custom badge maker allows you to easily create a badge that has the look and feel that you want for your safety department, security staff, or volunteer service. The entire process is simple and intuitive, and you can see – as you progress through the steps – what the final product is going to look like.

These badges are affordably priced, and we’re committed to fast delivery and our usual high quality. You can customize, and re-customize, these badges until you get exactly what you want. That color of text not quite working with the badge’s finish? Try switching one (or both) to something else and see an immediate difference. Not happy with the state seal? Go for something a little more abstract. It’s all up to you.

Check out how easy it really is to design a badge online.

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Step 1: Choose Your Badge Shape


With our badge builder, there are four different basic badges. You can start with:

  • Round

  • Star

  • Maltese Cross

  • Shield

  • However, that’s not where this step ends. Each of these shapes has several specific styles from which you can choose to get a more custom look. Whether you use the shield to make a police badge or a round design for a security staff, you can use one of the 19 total styles and easily see how each of them will look with all the other design elements.

Step 2: Get Customizing


In this step you’ll start to pick and choose all the little details that will individualize your badge. Our custom badge maker makes it easy for you to choose from several elements. These customizable elements include:

  • The Finishes

o   All of these badges are stamped in high-quality brass, but you can choose to cover them with one of seven different finishes. (2-tone finishes are available for a slight additional cost.)

  • The Seals

o   The seals that you can include on your badge are hard-fired, 1” in diameter, and 24k gold plated. There are 60 different options here, one for each of the states and a number of other relevant designs.

  • The Font

o   Choose from two different fonts and how the letters are spaced. This can have an impact on how much of the badge is filled with text.

  • The Font Color

o   You can select one of four colors. Only one color per badge.

  • The Text

o   The number of lines available for text will depend on the style of badge you have chosen. If you don’t have enough space on one badge, be sure to try another so you can get the important words in place.

  • The Text separators

o   However, if you do have too many words, you might feel they get a little too close. You can break them up with different kinds of separators.


Step 3: Choose Quantity, Curvature, and Attachment


You can purchase the exact number of badges you need at the same time you specify a few other elements of your badges. This is where you will specify the curvature and the attachment.

  • The Curvature

o   Uniform shape

o   Dome shape

o   Flat shape

  • The Attachment

o   Uniform pin

o   Wallet clip

o   Screw

o   None


Step 4: Accessories


Finally, there is a chance to add a few more accessories to the order to get everything you need. This could include leather badge holders, wallets, belt clip badge holders, ID badge holders, and more.

From there, you’re ready to check out. We’ll take care of everything else and get it delivered to you as quickly as possible. This simple tool makes it easy to make your own badges. Try out our “build a badge” for yourself and see what you can create.