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Athletics always brings out the best in human physical and mental ability.  There’s a lot of long grueling hours that athletes, coaches, trainers and parents exert to bring greatness to any sport.  We assist in making those moments memorable.

SymbolArts is the leader when it comes to proud suppoter pins, awards, trophies, championship rings, plaques, patches, commemorative coins, etc.

We Specialize In:

  • Proud Supporter Pins – These are a popular item for parents who spend many hours taking their kids to practice and attending games.  These always come in a pair of two for each parent to wear proudly.
  • Commemorative Coin Toss – These are really popular among fans.  Athletic departments create one every year for the biggest game of the year or to commemorate a great season.  The best solution is to have them manufactured before the most popular game, use it in the coin toss and then sell a limited amount.  Over the years, you will have a great coin toss collector’s series.
  • Championship Rings – We can do a variety of options here, from a low, economic value ring, to the all out “bling-bling” ring.  We manufacture them all.

All of our products are custom designed to meet your individual needs.

Due to the custom nature of every individual order, we do not include pricing on our website. Instead we ask that you give us a call at 801-475-6000 to ensure you get the best pricing available.

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Did You Know

Life lessons and sports

Participating in sports teaches many life skills.  We learn how to win and how to lose.  Sports can also help develop personal strengths and weaknesses. They teach discipline, responsibility, leadership, determination, fortitude, perseverance, stamina, empowerment and courage.  Sports and life have a lot in common, leaders are developed through experience, academics and training.