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How do you implement challenge coins within your department?

There are many ways to implement a challenge coin within your department or organization.  Here are some programs our customers have told us about:

Recognizing a Good Deed

The Mint Hill Police Department utilizes an effective program in regards to receiving a challenge coin. I have challenged all members of our department to be on the look out for other members doing the right thing at the right time. When I receive a nomination about a good deed I issue a letter of appreciation. If an officer receives two letters of appreciation I then award them a challenge coin.

This has improved morale and has kindled an esprit de corps within the ranks as the officers vie for a challenge coin.

Chief Tim W. Ledford
Mint Hill Police Department

“The idea of a challenge coin came as we were looking for a way to recognize the service of our members. We are an “all-volunteer” department with several retired members. In considering our options, we wanted something that could be kept as a keepsake memento for past and existing individuals. A coin seemed like a practical way to impress our appreciation each time it’s picked up or felt in someone’s pocket.”

Michael Barber
Terrell Fire Department

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What’s in a name?

Have you ever wondered if you would be a different person if you had another name? “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, this famous Shakespeare quote suggests that what is important is what something is and not what something is called.

We all use labels and are exposed to brands in our everyday lives. Our name is our own personal label. Imagine yourself doing your day to day things and being referred to as “hey you over there” or “dude”. Would that make you feel any different? You can be whatever you aim to be. So is a name important, yes. Does it define you, no.