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Who knew setting your drink on a coaster could be so exciting?

Why don’t we ever bother getting a coaster to set a drink on the coffee table? Do we enjoy being reminded in a yelling manner?  It’s because until now, we have never been excited to put a coaster underneath your drink.  Those days are no more.

Create your custom coaster to promote anything you’re passionate about. Then give them away as a gift.  They’re unique to you and to the gift receiver.  Plus, they will always be reminded of you every time they use it.

Creating a collector’s series is always popular.  Proudly display your collected coasters with each one telling a story and every one will be entertained for hours.

We offer coasters of all varieties including metal, leather, PVC and wood.

All of our products are custom designed to meet your individual needs.

Due to the custom nature of every individual order, we do not include pricing on our website. Instead we ask that you give us a call at 801-475-6000 to ensure you get the best pricing available.

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Did You Know

Are you a Tegestologist?

Tegestology is derived from the Latin term “tegestos” which refers to a small reed mat.  Tegestology is defined as the practice of collecting beermats or coasters, with practitioners known as tegestologists.  Now you can start to impress people with your tegestologist skills.