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Police Badge Patches, Firefighter Department Patches, Boy Scout Patches and more!

SymbolArts fully embroidered patches are custom made in any size, shape and color. All our patches are made from the finest cotton twills and threads. They are washable, durable, and fade-proof. Reinforced edges will not fray or curl.

Things to know about an embroidered patch:

3 Most Common Stitches:

  • Running Stitch – these stitches are single lines of stitches primarily used for thin outlines or borders and for connecting individual elements of the design.
  • Satin Stitch – these stitches are essentially columns of stitches used for making letters, borders, and areas of a design that need columns of stitches.
  • Fill Stitch – these stitches are used to fill large areas with color or in other words, running stitches that are placed side by side to cover a large area.

Most Common Embroidery Coverage Options:

  • 100% – the patch is completely covered with stitching
  • 70% – the patch is mostly stitched where as the remaining 30% of the patch is another selected fabric. (this option will lower the cost)

Most Common Border Options for Patches:

  • Merrow Border – Standard patch border which is sometimes called “overlock”.  Ideal for simple shapes including circles, rectangular, etc. The merrow border is usually 3mm width.
  • Heat Cut – It is suitable for patches with complex shapes or detailed borders. Unit price will be increased proportionally by the size of patch.

Most Common Patch Backings:

  • Plastic – Plastic backing makes the patch sturdy and adds durability. Patches with plastic backing need to be sewn on to the desired fabric.
  • Iron On – Heat seal backing allows a patch to be ironed on to a garment. Once ironed on, the patch should remain in place permanently. You can also sew it on to ensure that it won’t come off.
  • Adhesive – A patch with adhesive tape can be compared to a sticker. Just peel off the backing and stick the patch to any clear surface for a secure hold. It can be used multiple times. You can also sew on or iron on to get a permanent hold.
  • Velcro – Velcro allows you to remove a patch from a garment before you wash it to save unnecessary wear and tear. Great for uniforms that get washed and worn on a regular basis. This also allows you to put in multiple areas other than a uniform and only have to purchase the complimenting side of Velcro.

All of our products are custom designed to meet your individual needs.

Due to the custom nature of every individual order, we do not include pricing on our website. Instead we ask that you give us a call at 801-475-6000 to ensure you get the best pricing available.

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Did You Know

History of patches

Patches have been around for many years, most typically for those in law enforcement and the military.  Most patches have symbols that represent mottos, slogans, or allegiance to certain things.  Most patches are embroidered, but can also be woven high definition fabric, or PVC.