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September 01


Police Officer Escapes Further Injury Thanks to Police Badge

When Sgt. Jason Mingura of the Clifton Police Department in Arizona contacted us about replacing his service badge we were astounded to hear his story.

“I was in an officer involved shooting back in January and my badge took a .45 caliber round”, Mingura told us, “The badge in my opinion saved either my life or a tremendous amount of damage to myself.”

Sgt. Mingura, along with Deputy John Mennen, pulled over a white pick-up truck just after midnight in response to a domestic disturbance call. The driver of the truck, Christopher Ray Ingram, opened fire with a handgun and severely wounded both officers before being felled by their return fire.
The harrowing incident was captured by Deputy Mennen’s body camera. Both officers were found to have acted justifiably in their response and have since recovered from their injuries.Screenshot_2015-08-08-16-49-00

We have since replaced officer Mingura’s police badge free of charge and would like to thank not only officer’s Mingura and Mennen but all public safety officials who serve at great personal risk

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