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Got Keys, Got A Key Chain?

The possibilities with key chains are limitless. We can create any shape and size you can imagine in Key Chains, Key Fobs, and Key Rings.  Of course, you can always go with what is most popular, and that’s a key chain that can open up any bottled beverage.

When doing any project with SymbolArts, it’s always important to plan ahead if there’s a possibility of doing a key chain.  You don’t necessarily have to order them with your current project.  But in creating a mold, however, if we know there is a possibility of making the same product into a future key chain, we can save you money by incorporating that feature into the mold (instead of manufacturing a whole new mold for a key chain later on).

Most Popular Key Chain Attachments

  • Chain – Your basic key chain attachment, a small chain from the ring to the charm.
  • Swivel Chain – This attachment for your key chain allows for flexibility in your pocket and restricts tangles.
  • Key FOB – All of our key chains that are on our leather attachment, we refer to them as a key FOB.

All of our products are custom designed to meet your individual needs.

Due to the custom nature of every individual order, we do not include pricing on our website. Instead we ask that you give us a call at 801-475-6000 to ensure you get the best pricing available.

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Did You Know

History of Key Chains

Key rings, like the jailer’s ring of keys, date back as far as the invention of the lock. Locks were handmade and very expensive. Because of this, there were very few of them.

It wasn’t until Linus Yale invented the cylinder lock (1848) and mass-produced inexpensive locks that keys were carried by the general population. One of the earliest souvenir keychains dates back to the World’s Fair in Chicago, 1893. 

In the 1920’s Henry Ford mass-produced the automobile, and shortly there after the first car was stolen. This trend forced Ford to use a Yale style locking mechanism to secure his product from people just driving away in them. Key chains soon became a popular way to advertise.