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Hoorah! Custom Military Rings

SymbolArts military rings are beautifully proportioned and elegantly designed – exquisitely sculpted to your design.  Available in 10k and 14k gold or sterling silver, with your choice of center stone.  All custom military rings are heirloom quality and affordable.  We have designed military rings for men or for women.

Many soldiers get their own military ring to help them remember triumphs, successes, certain missions and unit names.  They are a great way to carry something that will stand the test of time and can be passed down for generations. Solidify your place in history with your custom military ring.

Another option is to place a bulk order for your entire unit. These rings can help to mark a specific group or signify a special event or deployment members experienced together. Rings can also welcome a new soldier to help them feel like a part of something bigger. No matter what branch of the armed services you belong to, custom rings are a high quality gift option.

All of our military rings are custom designed to meet your individual needs.

Due to the custom nature of every individual order, we do not include pricing on our website. Instead we ask that you give us a call at 801-475-6000 to ensure you get the best pricing available.

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